My Anglo Hardangers are handmade to order and with hand drawn rosing (decoration) to your very own specification.

Hardanger fiddles are the national instrument of Norway and provide a truly unique playing experience. The 4-5 sympathetic strings give a wonderful constant drown which enables a wide variety of tone and character.

My fiddles, as in the pictures, are an Anglisied version of the Hardanger, using imagery from English folklore, hence the green man. The rhythmic playing style used for the hardanger makes them ideal dance instruments (which is in fact what they are primarily used for in Norway). The fiddle in the pictures, Anglo Hardanger No.1, was made specifically to accompany Morris dancing.

As my Hardangers are usually made on a commission basis, I am unlikely to have any ready made examples for sale at this moment in time. However, if you would like to discuss having a Hardanger fiddle made, please contact me with your requirements and for pricing.

The Løveungen

My "Løveungen" Hardangers are a brilliant way of acquiring a well made and individual entry level instrument, to your own decoration and varnish colour specification, and at a fraction of the cost of a scratch made instrument. What's more, they are available in half the time!

These Hardangers come into my workshop in the white, the making and details are then refined before going through the varnish and decoration process.

These instrument represent remarkable value for money and are a wonderful introduction to the world of the Hardanger Fiddle.

Available with traditional Lion head stock and 4 sympathetic strings only

From £1,500 inc case

A finished example for a recent customer